Our mission is to contribute to your company’s success by providing the pallets that best suit your company’s needs. We offer a great range of sizes both standard and custom. Our experienced professionals ensure our clients’ orders are completed at the highest level of quality. Here are some of the most popular pallets that we provide:

48×40 #1 AA
Semi-new durable 4-way pallet, durable enough for constant use. They can roughly hold up to 2,500 pounds. The AA ranking means they are almost in new condition. You can be confident the three clean stringers are all complete and can be trusted for the food industry.

48 x 40 #1 A
These pallets are similar to the ones described above, but have been refurbished more than once and lumber appearance may vary. They are durable enough for constant use and can roughly hold up to 2,500 pounds.
The #1 A ranking means that they have been recycled but you can be confident that the three complete stringers.

48 x 40 #2
These pallets along with the above continue to be 4-way. These refurbished pallets are a more economic option. With the #2 ranking, you are still obtaining a high-quality pallet. However, one or more of the original stringers may have been reinforced or replaced. That modification offers a bigger discount, without reducing strength or quality.

Block Pallet
These pallets are 4-way as well but constructed differently compared to the pallets mentioned above as they don’t have run through stringers. These pallets point of strength are held together by blocks of wood. These pallets are also refurbished and still have easy pallet fork access on all sides and continue to be by far the most economical 4-way option.

48×40 2-way
These pallets have a 2-way pallet fork entry. The pallets are refurbished and the work may be patched, replaced or completed. Out of the standard 48×40 pallet sizes, these pallets are the most economic option to choose from. Due to the nature of their price, these pallets run through our recycle program often and repairs will vary.