We provide a wide range of services to help meet our customers’ requirements.

Pallet Purchasing
Through pallet purchasing we are ensuring we can recycle as many pallets as possible to help reduce waste. We offer various ways for us to purchase your pallets and compensate our customers. Please call for further information on how we can help you.

Drop-Trailer Service
Our drop-trailer service is cost-effective and saves our customers time. Our staff prepare your order on the corresponding trailer, either a dry van or flatbed, and will drop it off for your company’s use on an as-needed basis.

Advanced Scheduling
Together, we can customize a delivery plan for customers who have steady pallet consumption. Orders are arranged in advance, without the need to call for every desired delivery. Advanced scheduling is available through our drop-trailer or same-day unloading services.

IPPC-Pallet Heat Treat Certification Services
G.C. Pallets Inc. offers IPPC certified pallets. These pallets undergo a special heat treatment process to meet certification standards and are commonly used in exporting goods internationally. Our resources allow us to verify the pallets are processed properly.